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The web statistics base module provides professional grade web analytics at an attractive price.




A powerful multilingual Administration interface allowing complete management of users, groups, sub-admins, security, log processing configuration, scheduling, and report configuration. The Admin interface also includes all Urchin configuration wizards, and built-in help.

The fast interactive and multilingual reporting interface with filtering, date range control, sorting, time series analysis, business-ready graphics, export capabilities, and built-in help. Reports include:

  • Unique visitors and sessions, visitors and sessions by day, visitor loyalty, session frequency, and traffic summary
  • Sessions, pageviews, hits, bytes, and visitor summary
  • Requested pages, downloads, page query terms, posted forms, status and errors, hits and bytes downloaded per directory, file, and file type
  • Entrance pages, exit pages, click paths, click to and click from, length of pageview, depth of session, and length of session
  • Referrals, search terms, search engines, and referral errors
  • Domains, Countries, and IP addresses
  • Browsers, platforms, and robots