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Web site goals

Website goals your way, our technology

We think the most important question about most websites is simple. What do you want customers to do? That's more than a website design question, actually - it goes to the heart of why you're in business.
A very big website can have a very short list of key outcomes. For example Amazon  basically wants you to buy something, pure and simple. But the way they do it is through several sub goals. Typical sub goals are: purchase; registration; newsletter sign up; simple contact; repeat visits. You may have different key outcomes in mind for different audiences.

For example repeat visitors using community building at amazon.com

Lets zoom in on repeat visits, Amazon does a lot to make you come again. For example you as a visitor to the site can submit a review on any product they have online and get it published. This not only gives you a sense of ownership as a visitor but many visitors will search products they want to buy on amazon just to see what other users of this product have posted online about it. Amazon also lets vendors and other interested parties submit product manuals and additional product photos, this only adds to higher community involvement thus higher customer loyalty and more sales. We will work with you to create and fulfill sub goals for your Internet presence,
we optimize your website's design with the "key paths" running through the site, insuring that, in effect, all roads lead to key goals are met.

Your brand your way

A brand-driven website design and visual message complete the picture. When the site encourages and rewards exploration, confirms visitors' choices, coheres with the marketing messages you're sending in other channels, and is optimized for your key outcomes - that's a designed experience. Visitors aren't forced into doing what providers want them to do; they want to do it.