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Web Site and Internet PR services

Many people do not believe advertising but nearly all give greater credibility to non advertising methods of corporate communication. We can work with you to create your press releases, and create relations with online publications locally and internationally that would be interested in publishing your press releases. 

We can advice you on the best directories and associations online that can help you promote your products and corporate image. But what is more we have deep insight on how to run online communities. We can thus create new ways for you to promote your company and products.

This promotion is twofold since most of the efforts done in online PR will help increase the ranking of your site in search engines and forms a part of SEO ( search engine optimization ) efforts.

We can dedicate online advocacy people that go online in chats and discussion groups and indirectly refer to and promote your products, whether it just be by using a nick name of one of your products and just being nice or by actively promoting your product. And if your product is a product that is associated with a passion, ( like some cars or even singers ) we can identify people online that love your product and can be very verbal about it. We can then design and monitor an incentive system that rewards these people when they advocate your product online and offline. In such ventures we use areas of the Internet that are not commonly used by businesses for marketing and promotion like chat rooms, discussions, forums, blogs and instant messaging.