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Online Community Creation

Are your marketing efforts falling short because competitors are using exactly the same tools and channels that you do? Do you want to engage your users and make them spend more time with you? Our services can help you create an engaging community with minimal impact to your current organizational structure.

Discussion Masters

We can provide people that will learn your product and your goals and help you implement that in an online forum or discussion area. These discussion masters can answer user questions and encourage users to interact with each other. They can also manage users and edit out undesirable content that is posted on your forum. Repeat offenders can be banned. Discussion masters can be trained by you to know everything they need to know about your organization in order to perform their duties in the best possible way.

Chat Masters

Chat masters are very similar to discussion masters, but with online chat the real time element is more pronounced. We can cover 24X7 monitoring and management of your chat area.

E-Mail list managment

We can manage your email list for you, making sure that we have regular issues published. We can even create the content for you