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Q.How can I setup Outlook Express 6?

Instructions for Setting Up Outlook Express 6

Open Outlook Express and choose Tools from the top menu:

Now click Accounts, which will bring up the Accounts Window:

If you need to change an Outlook Express profile that is already set, skip to here. Otherwise, if you are setting up a new mail profile in Outlook, click the Add button, and then click Mail:

Now you will see the wizard for adding a new profile, and the first thing it will ask you for is a Display Name:

After you enter a proper name like "John Jones", click Next.
Now enter the email address that you want as the return address on all your outgoing mail like: jgrant@mydomain.com
Then click Next.

The next item asks what type of server your incoming mailserver is. Choose POP3.

Now enter your Incoming Mailserver in the next field, which is: mail.YourDomainName.com

Now enter an Outgoing Mailserver in the next field, which is: mail.YourDomainName.com

After inputting Incoming and Outgoing mailservers, click Next.

Now you will be asked for an Account Name and Password. Enter your  Mailbox Login Name (not email address) and Password here exactly as you did when creating mailboxes in your Control Panel or when you first signed up for hosting (your FTP username is also a Mailbox Login Name).

Also on this screen, check the "Remember Password" box for your convenience.

Leave the checkbox for SPA unchecked. Now click Next. Now click Finish.

That process will create a mail account profile in the Accounts window:

If you already had a mail profile setup in Outlook, or if you just finished setting one up as described above, then click the mail.YourDomainName.com account that appears in the Accounts window above. Now click the Properties button on the right.

That will bring up the General tab of the Properties Window:

From the General tab as shown above, click the Servers tab:

Make sure that Incoming Mailserver is mail.YourDomainName.com. Also make sure that the Incoming Mailserver has your correct mailbox login name and password filled in.

You will have to also ask your ISP whether you should check the box that says "My Server Requires Authentication". With most ISPs you will not need to check this item. However, if your ISP tells you to check this item, then also click the "Settings" button right next to it, click the radio button next to "Log on using:" and fill in your username and password that you use to sign on with your ISP, not your login name and password.

Click OK in the Servers tab window, which will bring you back to the Accounts window, where you will click the Close button.

Outlook Express 6 setup is complete. You may now click the "Send and Receive" button from the Outlook Button Bar.