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Customer retention

Build up a customer base

It's cheaper to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. When you retain your customer, with time your customer base and sales will grow. Online customer retention costs are especially low, yet many websites are designed simply as lead generators.
El Motaheda can redesign your site to include online customer support facilities. With our customer support systems your staff will never forget a customer request. Thanks to advanced online request management systems your staff can handle thousands of emails and retain complete histories of of client interaction for future reference. 
For business partners secure co-branded sub-sites allow you to facilitate the job of your business partners in selling or representing your products in the best possible manner and reduce the time to market your product in new markets and areas.
And opt-in email newsletter management systems allow you to keep in touch on a regular basis with your clients, partners and interested potential clients. Our analytic reports can measure the success of your email marketing and even give you estimates on the number of email list recipients that read your news letters. With such information you can concentrate on the activities that generate the most interest.

Reduce your costs even more

It is well known that support through email is much cheaper than telephone support since a larger number of request can be handled per support person by email than by telephone due to the use of easy to insert canned response templates.

We are there for you

If your key success metrics include raising each customer's lifetime value, El Motaheda senior design and business process consultants will help you retain your customers.