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CMS Egypt - Content Management System (CMS Egypt)

A content management system is the next step in the evolution of web site publishing. Unlike static sites, a content management system is a program that runs on the server to manage the publishing of new content on your site and adds extra levels of interactivity with your site visitors that are simply not possible with static HTML sites.

Main features of our content management system
Publish information to your site as easy as it is to edit a word processing file.
If you know how to use the Internet and a work processor then you can learn how to use the content management system in an hour. After that hour you will be able to change and add content to your site from the comfort of your own office or even home. Since all the editing is done in normal web pages that are easy to understand, even a relatively inexperienced secretary can mange publishing company news or new products to your site.
Not all areas of your web site have to be accessible to every body, you might choose to allow visitors to view certain parts of the site only if they fill out a user registration. Or better yet some areas of your web site can be accessible only to your employees, clients, or suppliers. This is all done using an advanced user management and rights system.

Separate the content from the visual design.
You can change the design of a the site at any point in time without having to re-enter the content. In fact if you have multiple design templates in your system, changing the design of your site can take about 2 minutes. This makes it very easy to change your site while maintaining all the investment you did in entering site content.

Timing is everything
 Our content management system allows you to specify when certain items on your web site should be published and when they should expire or disappear. This allows you to relax while the system does the work of making sure that your news is delivered at the time you choose.

Use our professional form designer to create customer feed back. After customers take online surveys you can download the customer responses to an excel sheet and do all kinds of statistics. This is invaluable for marketing and measuring client satisfaction.