SCA Archaeological Sites

Production of comprehensive records of SCA Archaeological Sites is done through the so called “System population”. System population is the main line of work in the GIS Center; it derived its name from populating the system with data of archaeological sites.

System population work consists of methodically covering all governorates in Egypt, creating a bilingual database and mapping all registered sites as well as unregistered sites whenever data is available. The database includes prehistoric, Ancient Egyptian, Graeco-Roman Coptic and Islamic sites.

Official maps and documents of SCA Sites are acquired from Amlaak and undergo a series of processing procedures. The data is compared, and verified and a final list of registered sites is produced. Afterwards, the archaeological research unit proceeds in researching the archaeological sites using the site list and finally visit each site for further research and verification.

Archaeological and legal data are entered into the bilingual Archaeological Sites database.

GIS Center data flow

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