One of the main goals of the GIS Center was always to provide our data to interested parties, to ensure identification and protection of the SCA archaeological sites.

Several types of publication are used depending on the aim, expected receptor and availability of data.

  1. Brochures and leaflets explaining the work of the GIS Center are produced and handed out to visitors to SCA and distributed in workshops and conferences.
  2. Wall maps of selected governorates are produced and delivered to governors and inspectorate offices in each governorate.
  3. Periodic newsletters are prepared highlighting important achievements, events, and activities related to the work in the GIS Center.
  4. The most important and comprehensive publications of the GIS Center are the Governorate Atlases. Two have been published so far: The Historical Sites of Egypt Volume 1: Ash-Sharqiyyah governorate and The Historical Monuments of Egypt Volume 1: Rosetta
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