Legal Research

The legal unit of the GIS Center is responsible for verification of the legality of SCA archaeological sites obtained from Amlaak, the SCA's Property and Survey Department of the Ancient Egyptian sites and Islamic, Coptic and Jewish sites. During processing of the data received from Amlaak, it was found essential to compare the official documents and the maps; this comparison usually reveals different or contradicting information that needs further research. Afterwards, official data is compared to the records in ESA Sigel ’Ayni (state land register); this comparison usually shows discrepancies between the two registers (Amlaak register and ESA register) that are reported to Amlaak for more verification on real by its representatives.

Based on Antiquities Protection Law No.117/1983 and its amendments Law No.3/2010, sites have different legal statuses, providing them with various degrees of protection and maintenance. Read more about Legal Status

For Islamic monuments, most of the registered sites are actually individual monuments, often in heavily developed urban areas, that are either turned over to the SCA following compensation to the original owner or are expropriated following a presidential decree.

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