Archaeological sites are identified using unique id codes that facilitate linkage of sites' data in GIS, legal and archaeological research units. Whilst spatial data of archaeological sites are stored in GIS, all tabular data including official data and archaeological data are stored in the “SCA Archaeological Sites Database”. The database includes information both on sites that appear in official amlaak registers (registered sites) and sites that do not (unregistered sites), and makes it possible to produce customized reports on them (read more on reports). All material is entered in both Arabic and English, thus ensuring that the data is available to all interested parties.

Data in database is accessible through stand alone interface used by data entry users to insert, edit and retrieve data. Data is also accessible through the ArcGIS software to retrieve data of sites selected on map from the database. (read more on SCA Archaeological Sites Database).

Beside the GIS Center main database application (SCA Archaeological Sites Database), other supporting databases were also developed to facilitate archiving and work management in the GIS Center i.e. Photos, Maps, Bibliography and Contact list databases. (read more on supporting databases)

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