Affiliated Activities

Based on requests from national and international stakeholders, affiliated activities are initiated and conducted in addition to the regular activities of the GIS Center.

Internally, these activities support the development of the system by acting as an experimental platform for the practical usage of the GIS Center’s data. These experiments have proved successful and have improved the ability of the system to assist the SCA to better manage and protect Egyptian cultural heritage. In addition, they help to raise public awareness and in many cases support the decision makers and other concerned parties.

The affiliated activities can be divided into two types; they are either  collaboration or services. A collaboration activity defines a relation with a partner where both parties are involved in performing a certain defined task. Sometimes a collaboration activity is referred to as a project if it was set to be conducted over a long period of time. 

A service usually consists of a specific task to be performed, such as developing layouts or maps for a defined area or data requested by a client and could either be immediately delivered, if available, or a team from the GIS Center be assigned to conduct an inventory to acquire the data.

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