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The GIS Center was established in 2006 as an official department within the Ministry of State for Antiquities Affairs (MSA), concerned with the collection and analysis of spatial and administrative data of all registered archaeological sites of Egypt. The GIS Center operating a geographic information system (GIS), to interpret spatial and tabular data into visualize data.


In this GIS, geographical and administrative data about Egypt's archaeological sites, collected from various sources within the MSA and other national and international bodies, is analyzed and displayed as layers on digital maps. The digital archive of the GIS Center includes bilingual database which contains information on the exact location, legal status, archaeological contents, and current threats for each site that has been processed in the GIS. This information is provided to the appropriate authorities to help them protect sites against destructive land use and occupation and it can be used for various research purposes. The developed system consequently acts as an instrument for improved site protection and management, and is crucial for safeguarding the physical well being and legal standing of each of Egypt's archaeological sites.


The GIS Center also supports and is gradually upgrading the inventory and mapping operations of the General Department for Property and Survey (Amlaak), responsible for surveying and maintaining legal records on archaeological sites. In addition, the GIS Center benefits a multitude of other national organizations and actors, as well as a large number of international research institutes, organizations and non governmental bodies.


The system was initiated through a bilateral Finnish-Egyptian cooperation, in the form of a project (EAIS), which set up the basis for the information system. This project ended in 2007 while the department continues to develop and expand.

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